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Our privacy policy

Introduction Here in the following, the holder, Nakupenda Diving Center, which seat is P.O. BOX 2701, Jambiani Kikadini, Zanzibar – e-mail address (in the following, for the sake of brevity, “Holder”), gives the Consumer all the information about Cookies installed through its sites, which complete list You will find at this link (in the following, when collectively called “Web Space”) together with all necessary suggestions about the way of managing Your own preferences in respect to them.
Holder informs the Consumers as well that this Cookie policy fits in the single privacy policies of each site forming part of Web Space, available under the “privacy” section of these sites, where Consumers may find all the information required by Art. 13 D.Lgs. 196/2003 (in the following, for the sake of brevity, “Privacy Code”).

What Cookies are

Cookies are little text elements that the sites visited by the Consumers send to their computer (mainly at the browser) where they are memorized in order to be then again conveyed to the same sites when the Consumer himself will again visit them. More than the Cookies are subjected to the Grant’s measures also other analogous data allowing the identification both of the Consumer and his computer.
During a site navigation the Consumer may receive on his computer also Cookies send from different sites or web server (so called “third parties”), which possibly include some elements (such, for example, images, maps, sounds, dedicated links to other domains’ pages) laying on the site he is visiting. Cookies, usually present on the Consumers’ browser highly numerous and sometimes even with a peculiarity of large temporal persistence, are used for different purposes: to carry on informatics authentications, sessions monitoring activity, to memorize information on specific configurations regarding the Consumers who have access to the server, etc.
It is to specify that the Consumer may give expression to his options about Cookies’ use laying on the site (see a detailed list in the following part “Cookies’ typology”) even through browsers’ statements and following the following instructions. The Consumer may also arrange an “anonymous navigation”, allowing him to use internet without saving any information on the sites, on visited pages, eventually about inserted passwords or parametrical information. There are different kinds of Cookies: some of them make more efficient the Site’s use, some other empower particular functionalities. Our Site’s navigation means to agree with the use of Cookies according to this Cookie Policy. If You do not agree with the use of Cookies, it is necessary to suitably set up Your own browser, otherwise it will impossible for You to make use of the services offered by this Site. To disable the Cookies used by our Site may negatively affect navigation experience.

Cookies used in our Site

When visiting our Site may let in Your computer or other device “first party Cookies” (which this Site generated and still uses) as well as “third party Cookies” (produced n this Site from third parties). It must be specified that disabling some Cookies may involve a limit in the Site use’s capability, by hindering the full advantage of all its functionalities and services. In order to decide what is to be accepted and what is to be refused, in the following we list a description of the Cookies used by this site.

Navigation Cookies

It is a Cookie granting a normal navigation and use of the Web Site and allowing a connection between Consumer’s server and browser. These Cookies let the Site to work correctly and allow the contents’ visualization on the device in use. Without them some of the required functionalities – such as, for example, Site login or building up a container for online shopping – may not be offered.
Navigation Cookies are technical elements necessary to a correct Site functioning.

Functional Cookies

These Cookies have to recognize a Consumer who is visiting this Site another time.
They give the possibility of a content personalization and selection remind (for example, the language or geographical area). These Cookies do not collect any information allowing the Consumer’s identification. All collected information is anonymous.

Analytical Cookies

It is a Cookie collecting information about the way in which the Consumer utilizes the Web Site, such as, for example, an indication about the most commonly visited Web pages. This Site makes use of “third party Cookies”, a statistical analysis service produced and managed from Google Analytics anonymously enabling to study the way in which the Consumers visit this site. This use of the Cookies is only to monitor the services of our Web Site, it is possible remove or stop Cookies stored in Your computer by means of changing the set up of internet browser.
Analytical Cookies are not essential for Site’s correct functioning.
This Site makes use of Google Analytics’ service in order to monitor the Consumers’ traffic – see Google Analytics’ policy.

Social Network Cookies

These services allow the interaction with social networks, or other external platforms, directly from this Web Space’s pages.
Interaction and information acquired from this Web Space is in any case subjected to the Consumer’s privacy rules concerning all social networks.
In case of set up of an interaction activity with social networks, it is possible that – even if the Consumers are not using it – the service collects traffic data concerning the pages where it is installed.
Plunger “I like” and Facebook social widgets (Facebook, Inc.).
Plunger “I like” and Facebook social widgets are interaction services with Facebook social network, furnished by Facebook, Inc.
Personal data collected: Cookies and Use Data.
Treatment place: USA – Privacy Policy
Plunger “+1” and Google+ social widgets (Google Inc.).
Plunger “+1” and Google+ social widgets are interaction services with Google+ social network, furnished by Google Inc.
Personal data collected: Cookies and Use Data.
Treatment place: USA – Privacy Policy
Plunger “Tweet” and Twitter social widgets (Twitter, Inc.).
Plunger “Tweet” and Twitter social widgets are interaction services with Twitter social network, furnished by Twitter, Inc.
Personal data collected: Cookies and Use Data.
Treatment place: USA – Privacy Policy
Plunger “Pin it” and Pinterest social widgets (Pinterest).
Plunger “Pin it” and Pinterest social widgets are interaction services with Pinterest social network, furnished by Pinterest Inc.
Personal data collected: Cookies and Use Data.
Treatment place: USA – Privacy Policy

Profiling Cookies

SIt is the Cookie necessary to create Consumers’ profiles in order to send advertising messages according to the preferences expressed by the client inside the Site’s pages.
This site does not use profiling Cookies.

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What does it happen if You set the Cookies off?

In any case, if the Consumer blocks or cancels a Cookie, it may be impossible to restore personalized preferences or settings as specified before, and our capability of personalizing client’s experience will be limited.